Summer Sale!
4 Interior doors and a designed steel door 
for free
* by ordering a complete renovation
 * limited for the first 50 clients - hurry up!


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Perfecto - The leading company for design and house renovation in Israel, Giving our customers services for more than 25 years

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Summer Sale!

4 Interior doors and a designed steel door for free

* by ordering a complete renovation * limited for the first 50 clients - hurry up!

work process

presenting an architect plan

Stage 3

Choosing flooring, Ceramic, Raw Materials and more ...

Stage 4

Entering your new designed and lovely home 

Stage 5

Consulting appointment without any charge

Stage 1

Taking the property dimensions + Characterization by the customers wish

Stage 2


The "Perfecto" Company is a Professional Company headed by Itzhak Banian, who was the first to come up with the idea of a one stop shop.
The Perfecto Company has been active for over 30 years and has proven experience in the field of repairs, renovation, as well as design and construction of the highest quality kitchens.
Yitzhak Banian is driven to work by the need to realize the vision of his clients and transforming it into a pleasurable and unforgettable experience. He makes a point of providing his clients, in a professional and skilled manner, with the entirety of the means and services required to carry out their goals, as well as providing professional solutions to each and every stage of the work, starting from the consultation through the design stage, and to the final and finished stage.
The Perfecto Company specializes in providing all renovation work for the company, including tiling, building with blocks, plumbing installation, plaster work, paint, carpentry, electrical wiring, and a wide variety of other services, all provided by a crew of experienced and skilled professionals committed to the success of the project.
In addition, the Perfecto Company specializes in the design of kitchens, hence the name Perfecto.
The Perfecto Company provides its clients with the finest experienced and skilled professionals. In addition, the customers of "Perfecto" enjoy the close and professional accompaniment of architects and interior decorators, who dedicate themselves to designing the home in accordance to the personal needs and requirements of the clients.
The Perfecto Company is characterized by a number of salient characteristics and advantages:


4. Interior Decorators:
Every stage of the design is performed by leading interior decorators in the field, whose extensive knowledge and experience enables you to enjoy a luxuriously designed space, all in accordance to the requirements of the client and his personal taste.

3. Professionalism:
The Perfecto Company provides its clients with the finest professionals who work with meticulous professionalism to fulfill the goals and realize the dreams of their clients.

6. Leading instrumentation:
The services provided by the company are made with the most advanced equipment which enables achievement of high quality and impressive results within a very short time period.

5. Raw materials
The Perfecto company only uses the highest quality and most prestigious raw materials and products, enabling you to enjoy a high quality and durability finished product for many years to come.

1. One stop shop:
The Perfecto Company offers its clients all of the services they might require or desire to renovate their home. This makes achieving your goals easy, simple and more convenient, freeing you from the need to seek and track down various different professionals.

2. Experience:
The Perfecto Company has over 30 years of experience in the field of renovation and construction.


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